Drive by egging

Damn kids.

The yard got egged sometime last week, I suspect on halloween or "mischief night" although my NM sources claim they have no idea what that is. Us east coast hoodlums take the night before halloween to be the night that you go out and soap cars, egg houses and TP trees and what not.

I can deal with the eggs, in the many months I have lived in this house, the damn kids have chunked beer bottles, cow pies and in one memorable incident, hopped over the fence and took a large, uh, dump in the yard. Overall the damn kids are mostly harmless, I hope.

The yowly tiny creature seems to be disdainful of me as I do not let her out at night much anymore as there have been a number of coyotes seen around and about the neighborhood the last few weeks. I can't remember ever seeing the coyotes out on the road near the house before, but maybe there is some tasty roadkill stashed nearby.

Lots of pics, undownloaded, over the weekend. More soon.

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Mark Bishop said...

tarik, we used to call it devils' night. i'm from jersey though. usually the mailbox would get torched, once the front window had a brick thrown through it. i guess it is just another reason to act stupid. funny, vols football seems to have a striking resemblence.