Screen Door 1, Mosca 0

Yeah ouch.

Mosca and I both learned valuable lessons this week. Mosca, already not trusting the newish screen doors now completely does not trust them. I, in turn, have learned that mosca will often sit right in front of the screen door, waiting to get in, even at night when it is hard to see her. I think the clump of hair there is from her tail, but I could not quite tell, she seems none the worse for it. There is a small, cat appendage pinching, size gap under the front screen door as there is a bit of uneveness in the walkway outside the door. I was walking outside to find mosca. She was waiting patiently directly infront of the door. As I swung it open, some sort of really impressive yowl of outrage/pain emitted from the bottom of the door. Anyhow, the upshot is that Mosca gives the screen door a somewhat wide berth these days. It makes her a bit tough to get her in sometimes as she comes running for the door, but makes a hasty detour back out into the yard when she sees the screen door open. Sorry Mosca.

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