Kitty Seep

Afore I get ranting on energy, taxes and populist BS, here is a nice calming picture of Mosca contemplating her move from one part of the yard to the other. The wall slot is some sort of concession to utilites but it is a perfect sized cat egress to the other part of the yard. Thus, I dub it the "kitty seep".

More calming mosca photos as she hides amidst the leaf denuded grapevines.

As usual, click for big.

OK, just a little rant. We got a 79 dollar tax refund from the NM state government to "help" with higher energy bills this winter. This is a democrat governor. What a load of populist BS. There. I said it. The right answer when shrub jr gave us $300 vote buying dollars a while back was to tell him thanks for the porn'n'drug money, I guess here I need to git me down t'the wal-mart and buys me a gun. Thanks Bill Richardson may you succeed in your white house bid in '08, you have certainly bought my vote.

Alright, it is not as bad as I thought. It is not, uh, a regressive refund, a-la Dubya, but it scales inversely to tax paid/family size. See here. I am still a bit disturbed by it, but not completely outraged. I will not use the money to buy a gun. I am pretty sure, however, that there are better uses for money already in the state treasury, or at least a better targeting of money. People of my income level do not need a refund to help with rising costs. I could keep writing on this, but have larger fish to write about right now. Maybe some more funding for solar energy programs here in the state of perpetual sunshine would be a nice start though, eh Bill?

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Everett Volk said...

C'mon Tarik, buy a gun! They're fun, they're cheap, they're uber-American. You live in New Mexico for gosh sakes, you could be shootin' varmints from your truck window! Or, take that $79 and invest in a little hot water heater insulation. Far less romantic, far more utilitarian, and you'd make BR a happy guvnah.