Helmet Wars

Welp, the internet is a horror show of the irrelevant and seems to empower doing particularly embarrassing things to pets. Here is the latest.
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Wow. I previously linked to other pet insults here and here .

I don't even like pets all that much (except of course for mosca and elenas four cats that barely tolerate my presence, whom I all love unconditionally even when I may carry scars to my grave) and I would never be that insulting on purpose. I did gift my brothers sweet, insane, and dearly missed white boxer some dog bootiesso she could walk on the snow without hurting her sensitive feet. The results were unintentionally hilarious as she did some sort of doggie foot boogie shake as she tried to scrape them off her feet simultaneously. I am sure these things are great for some dogs, but I suspect they were almost completely useless for Shelly, the dog in question.

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Kurt G. said...

Hey! I'm extremely nice to my kitties -- it's not my fault that they're strange.

What happened with the fishbowl is this: I found it in a dumpster and thought it was a nice fishbowl. So, I gave it a thorough cleaning and put it on a high shelf for several months, puzzling over what to put in it -- spare change? christmas lights? fish?

Finally, I decided the cats should get first dibs, so I put it on the floor, and that was it. Complete devotion. Love at first sight. Inseparable.

Kurt G.
The Celestial Monochord