knee hurt

More explanations needed, please. Somehow, without running, biking or other significant exercise for more than two weeks, I hurt my knee good. Some sort of pateller meniscus IT band syndrome hurty deal. How is this possible? I was looking forward to resuming some hefty bike commuting upon my triumphant return to living in los alamos, especially as winter seems to have skipped the high NM country this year, but I seem to have pulled my kneebone while sleeping or watching a movie or something. Walking is OK, stairs and biking is not so OK. It is getting better after 4 days, but still not so fun. Maybe going to california and eating meat repeatedly had something to do with it? Between delicious roasts, bacon, lot of burgers, meat chili and other delicious byproducts, I probably ate more meat in 10 days in california than i had in the previous two months. Maybe a return to the pinkwaterian theory of, "Don't eat meat, its bad for your feet!" or knees or whatever.

Anyhoo, I either did it carrying bags in the airport wearing birkenstocks, or perhaps trying to do a set of 10 half squats. Feh. Bah. Phhtt. Core strengthening comes back to haunt me again.

In honor of Mosca, slayer of hummingbirds, eater of hummingbird heads,
here is a nice picture of a hummingbird I took at the getty museum

Click for big.

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