Long time no post

Yep, I have moved on from the mosca house and then took a bit of a holiday in southern california. I plan on shifting the blog slightly from mosca-centric to more bikey, outdoorsy and other catsy. So hopefully this will make the blog a bit more broadly interesting at the risk of offending the die hard moscalites. I promise to add photos of mosca as often as I visit her.

Happy new year, photos from the trip are imminent.

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Suze said...

Mosca misses you. As a sign of her disgruntlement she now refuses all heart medicine disguised as chicken flavored smelly baby food. Back to shooting it down the throat (or on the cheek depending on how fast she is or how slow I am, according to your perspective). Mostly, however, she seems fairly perky with brief episodes of tired and cranky. This a.m. she came shooting down the hallway so fast that she lost it on the turn into the living room so that her hind legs skidded out from under her (claws screeching for grip) like a certain mountain biker I know on a gravelly turn. Mouse takes a beating nearly every morning as well. The old gal has some fight left in her yet. Your collection box is now overflowing....Maybe we will see you soon?