A return to normalcy

The knee is better, some snow is falling from the sky and I have been on my bike 4 times this week. Two MTB rides and two commutey efforts.

As I type this at some ungodly insomniacs hour I hear the telltale scraping of the plows for the first time this winter. A very good sign as there has been no appreciable precipitation since thanksgiving. The higher peaks here in los alamos got a bit more of a dusting, so maybe there will be a cold base for future storms to save the skiing. Last year at this time there was probably a 4 foot base on the mountain, and XC skiing lasted from early december to mid-april. I don't think there has been more than an inch or so on the hill this year at any one time.

In mosca news; I visited her and her keepers this week. She seems to be doing well, if a bit cranky. She swiped at me twice as I grabbed her tail, playfully I thought, but alas, she puts up with very little when she no longer depends on you for food.

Mosca did put a scare into me on christmas eve by having a fairly impressive seisure mere hours before the rightful owners returned home, but she soldiered on apparently no worse for the wear and is back in the caring hands of Susan and Paul.

Mosca showing her amazing ability to appear as an orange square when placed on an orange grid:

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