Some small changes on the blog

I finally changed the template on the blog and added some links to some blogs I read. Bikes and baseball only thus far. Check em out. I don't think I am going to add hundreds of blog links, just the ones I read regularly. I highly recommend Kent Peterson's blog and his website, he is a good friend and hero of mine, no car forever, rides insane distances on single speed bikes and is a good writer and a nice guy to boot.

All the baseball links are more or less sabermetrically based. If you don't know what that means, try reading baseball musings regularly, if you really are interested great, if you do not care at all, Bronx Banter has some genuinely good writing,mostly on the yankees and W116th st is rarely about baseball anymore, but it was mostly baseball when I started reading it.

Other changes, I am going to see about making billions of dollars off my readers using microrevenue streams like amazon associates links and the like. Mostly I am going to test em out. If I link to a page on amazon, I get a small cut of any purchase you make from following that link, I am curious about how successful that is. I will usually only link when I give a review of a book or movie or something. I will let you know how much money I bring in off my 3 regular readers. I may try having small google ads or some such on my blog as well, I will see how they work too. If you hate the idea, let me know, but I am curious if I can offset my 99 buck a year website hosting fee somewhat by passively advertising on my blog. I am not looking to get rich, its just that, well, Tarik needs some Charlie Poole I am pretty sure amazon pays you in amazon scrip, but there are worse things to sell your soul to the company store for.

Lemmie know what you think.

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Irina said...

Hey I like the new site. Sorry that I don't write so much about baseball anymore. I'm sure I'll have a lot to say when the season starts up, and the Mets start kicking butt.