Best Tour Ever

Well, I hope the Tour people are happy as they have kicked out everyone who was capable of beating the americans. Massive chaos reigns, but I am guessing 4 of the top 5 will be english speakers now with Floyd, Levi, Hincapie and Cadel Evans all in the top of the tour and probably Valverde filling in the gap. Surf on over to velonews to see the riders on the spanish criminal investigation list and who just got dumped from the tour. I was really looking forward to Ulrich and Basso in a battle with Floyd, Levi, hincapie, valverde and Vinokourov making things interesting putting pressure in case of someone cracking. Vinokourov is the random factor here, will he be allowed to race, will his whole team get kicked out except for him? If he does race will he be able to do anything with no team and big distraction? Wow.

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    Anonymous said...

    Menchov. You're forgetting Menchov, the archetype for the after-all-the-dopers-are-gone winner.

    Too many time trials for Valverde.


    Omar said...

    What happened to Ullrich's little buddy...Kloden? Is he no good anymore?