Sorry for the long delay, lots of travel in a short time. More this week, but in the mean time, please surf on over to velonews and see some of the fall out from the spanish doping case. Tyler is implicated for not only blood doping and EPO, but also for using the 1GF-1, the new hormon on the block. Also murmurs of former Liberty Seguros now Wurth team being not allowed to race at the tour and Comunidad Valenciana in a lip service attempt to prove they were not doping by, en mass, taking a blood test. Nice try fellers. As anyone paying attention knows, blood tests only catch the guys who mess up.

Also some more boring allegations against Cap't drug test, lance armstrong. Lemond proves to be ungracious as Armstrong is untouchable.

Finally in vaguley related news, Vinokorov did NOT win the Kazak national championship sparing us all the sight of Vino's Baby Blue Bubble butt in the Tour, hopefully, if he races, his team will have black slimming shorts.

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Kris Green said...

Is Tyler "implicated" of using every performance-enhancing drug under the sun, or is he merely "accused"? It's always hard to tell when the WADA and French media are involved. Then again, I suppose it's a moot point. The sport I love is clearly awash with drugs, and has been since before I was born. Sigh.