Coffee and Deisel

Some anonymous commenter complains I said nothing of coffee in Italy. I reiterate it was cheap and it was good and it came in little thick espresso cups often with a tiny glass of lemon soda water, yum. The cappuchinos were hit or miss, I think the standard coffee bar was a bit too hurried to heat the milk enough and they often used Parmalac type no refrig neeeded milk, so feh on those. The espresso's were 100% good even when they were using preground suspiciously folgers like coffee from cans. I am proud to say though, that using my pavoni at home I can replicate or exceed the italian espresso's often. I wish my digicam worked past day one, else I would have had pictures of the bewildering array of beautiful industrial espresso machines in the bars and resturaunts, some were easily older than me.

click for big, I am pretty sure I saw no blond nor asian italian women.

Commenter also said the fiat 500's did not run on deisel. Really? I just assumed everything was deisel and that was pretty much all you could get, but I was not paying too much attention. The car I really want them to sell in the US is the VW Polo wagon in TDI flavor.

I wasunsuccessful capturing the chaos of scooters swamping car traffic at rush hour, here was the closest:

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Anonymous said...

One thousand pardons about the coffee comment. Good thing I'm anonymous, or I'd feel like a right berk.

Rest assured, we know that your priorities are in the right place, and your Pavoni skills are hereby acknowledged.