Ice cream sammich hawkers

Day three of singapore/bali bike of the day.

They had these great ice cream hawker bikes all over Orchard Road in Singapore.

I had to try some so I picked this guy:

Red bean icecream cut from a big block with a knife, then wrapped in a piece of white bread that is dyed with green and pink food coloring. oooof. I could not even begin to finish it it was so gross. Should have chosen (likely artificial) durian flavor.

It seemed possible that all the other people who were in line in front of me got theirs in a little crepe or waffle thingy, but he kept shouting bread at me, and I was helpless but to agree. I felt cheated, but it was pretty low grade ice cream, and frankly ice cream in a crepe is not as bloggable so I am over it.


Marrock said...

The hawker bikes are pretty cool... but that sammich is just plain nasty.

Marrock said...

One more thing...

What is on that street sign over your shoulder in the last pic?

Tarik Saleh said...


Good eye,
If you were literal minded it would appear that walking from the street up onto the sidewalk is prohibited. I am guessing that it means no crossing where there are curbs (i.e. only cross at cross walks where there are cutouts). I guess it could also mean no walking in the street. It was unclear really. It kind of looked like sasquatch on the sign, so maybe no man/ape hybrids allowed to roam free?

Marrock said...

Sasquatch discrimination... it's an ugly thing.

Wenmei said...

You really think durian would have been an improvement??