Singapore/Bali Bike of the day 1

Wow. I am temporally disconcerted but so back in the high dry air of NM. I think it rained more in one week we were in Bali than in a year in most parts of this state. I will resume blogging starting now. I will try to put up some of the millions of photos we took starting with a week of singapore or Bali bikes of the day. Check my flikr page tonight, I may just dump a million photos up there.

We relaxed, ate, relaxed some more, ate some more, got some sort of nasty stomach bug, so we relaxed a bit more. Good stuff except the stomach bug. Kind of killed the site seeing in Bali, I think it was my best travel induced GI problems ever, full on with fever, chills and vomiting and the other GI fun and games. I think the vomiting was due to the first round of antibiotics being taken on an empty stomach, so maybe that does not count.

Uh anyway. First bike of the day. Singapore trash bike:
We spent two nights in singapore on the way to Bali. Mostly to decompress and dejetlag. We ate and slept. The food was excellent. Singapore is as advertised, an exceptionally clean and well organized asian city. Traffic seemed somewhat under control, the area we stayed in (near orchard road) was like a giant outdoor high end mall in the US. Here is one of the myriad city employees keeping the giant outdoor humid mall looking good on his garbage trike. Looks like an old school asian cargo trike replete with rod brakes up front and leather strap brake on the rear axle. It appears that it has a tensioning cable going from the HT under the BB back to the rear of the bike to keep it stiff or some such. Again it is so tempting to crawl around and take pictures of the underside of the cargo trikes to see how they brake and if they have retrodirects, but it is a bit socially awkward, so I skipped it:

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