Best use of bar ends in Santa Fe

Seen outside the Borders in Santa Fe.

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Note the bar ends, the pink "paint" is actually pink tape with white tape highlights. I wish I noticed that when I took the picture, but I had to look at it full size to see what was going on. Nice use of backpack has handlebar bag. I could not see the decaleur but I am sure it is there somewhere.


Marrock said...

One thing I've always wondered about that you can see in that pic...

What's the point of covering the seat with a plastic bag?

I mean, if it's raining anyway does keeping the seat dry really matter all that much if it's not leather?

I can see it if the seat is trashed and you're trying to keep it together, I've had more than one duct tape seat cover myself, but I just could never understand worrying about the seat when you'rer gonna get drenches anyway.

tim b said...

Hey, I know that bike - I see it everywhere.

the plastic bag, and the rest of the bike for that matter, takes on a whole new meaning when you see the guy who rides it. I could describe it but it's pointless without a picture.