My favorite part is the stoker who is either secretly riding a horse or is doing a drag foot moto turn to the left, while the captain is honking out of the saddle.


charlie said...

Actually, I think from the body english and tell tale grimace, the stoker is suffering from some acute constipation brought on by too many grease encrusted chickenesque nuggets.

Remember when we could each down 2 BigMacs in the middle of an 80 miler? Washing it all down postride with a pack of apple cider donuts... those were the days.

Tarik Saleh said...


Good point. It must have been the nontender effect working its way through the stokers lower GI tract.

I prefer to remember the ride to Belmar, eat a whole pizza, ride to Long Branch, get an italian ice. Ride some stupid way back home and eat a pack of donuts and call your mom to come get us. Good times!