NM Ibob Ride in a few pics and a video

Here is the short pictorial report:

It was along the riogrande

There was dodging of tumbleweeds, some of them car sized

It was windy

click for big video of blasting wind

Tarik, Chad, Ryan, Patrick, Jamie, Tumbleweeds

Goatheads were present and Patrick DOES get flats

It was dusty, Ryan won the dirt mask competition

It was a good ride. Don and his shiny new legolas turned around early on as the "flat easy ride" we had planned was a struggle against the gale wind and dust for the first 15 miles. Sorry Don, maybe next time the ride will be as planned, I hope. Spring in NM is really really windy. The 15 miles back was really fast and fun though. A good time was had by most. I am now exfoliated and my teeth are grit blasted. Good times. The rest of the pictures are here

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Chad said...

That's a great picture of Ryan! It cracks me up that we chose him to be our representative at the restaurant. Why did they let us in?

I've almost got all the sand out of my teeth.