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A tour of the inntertubes:

Via JimG who found it via tony P and excellent NYT video on Biking and bike building in portland. It is pretty well done. I agree with Jim on his analysis of the video, mutton chops yea, sweetpea disarming. I will also add, whats with the ginormous chain ring on the bike at minute 2:17 or so. And how about the city council suit that is all pro bike? And is it not lovely that they have relatively few riders wearing a helmet in their video? So deliciously unPC. Finally it was cool to see videos of Tony Pereira's, Natalie SweetPea's and Andy Newlands (strawberry's) shops. Great stuff all around.

Also from the new york times via One speed Brian an excellent video on an insanely huge skateboard ramp in Bob Burnquist's back yard. Sweet. Suck it tow in surfers this is much more betterer. Also doesn't bob resemble the city council suit from the portland video?

Vaguely related (wait for it I will bring it back around) is Kent Peterson's tale of spacing out on his bike and getting a big ticket. Kent is a good writer and a humble fellow and makes subtle points nicely worth a read.

Also relevant, via the enter freekin internet, is the test of awareness from some UK cycle advocacy group that they apparently horked from some dude. It still is pretty effective, take it if you have not.

This all reminds me of last time I spaced out while riding, it was when I was on my skateboard (see it is coming around) and got a ticket myself officially for "skateboarding". I think that was the last time I skateboarded. Maybe sheila is reading and she will sell me her longboard cheap?

Speaking of facial hair (see muttonchops above and sometimes kent has one, related, see?), I am proud to have mine featured as a part of Stevil's excellent mustaches in cycling post on HTATBL. I also belatedly realize that Steve inadvertently reunited me, sgugliag and hurl, three of the four members of the second place winning beeralap stingray relay from Sea Otter circa 2001. I think steve cheated his way to the winning team.

Finally, pretty unrelated, I have a photo essay on crested butte snow cruisers on bicycle fixation. Check it.


gpickle said...

Wholly crap a donut, that skateboard ramp is crazy crazy crazy crazy how do you ever do that for the first time crazy!!!!!!!

Tarik Saleh said...

Yeah, It kind of looks like it just launches the skater into parts unknown. Who knows, I have never even dropped in on a real halfpipe, but I have seen enough of them to know they are way more scary looking than, say, the banking on top of a steep velodrome.

Re: the skateboard accident, both boards were OK. I was riding one and it escaped to the other side of the street unscathed. The one I was holding was flung asunder, but it is an aluminum skateboard and it was fine on landing.

Marrock said...

Awww, you didn't include my blog so folks could watch me babble like an idiot. ;)

All things considered, can't say I blame you any, I do tend to ramble on a bit for no readily apparent reason.

Too many blows to the head probably. %)

Stevil said...

Hey there champ- I won fair and square. I also got some broken ribs from stuffing myself beneath Schwinns
RAV 4 for my efforts.