Drink a Beer for Floyd night

Tour spoilers below

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Welp thanks to epic heroism following the epic crack, Floyd is poised to snatch the tour in the final time trial, provided he is as strong as he was in the first, and his slower opponents ahead of him remain so. What could result in such a turnaround? Well a bonk is a bonk and once you are gone there is not a whole lot to do about it, and as I pointed out earlier it was not even the most impressive bonk of a grand tour leader in the last 5 years. So how can you recover like that. Well, I agree with ogrady and others, it was the beer.

Grand tour riders live a monklike life before and during the tours. They eat alot, but not extra. They do not drink, they don't like to walk around. They ride their bikes, eat and rest. But Floyd had a beer the night after his epic crack. This was his secret weapon. Maybe all the other riders are dangerously low on chromium, but floyd was all topped up due to his beer consumption?

Who knows, but if you are rooting for floyd, and I think it would be hard not to at this point, drink a beer for him tonight, its his version of the livestrong bracelet, and maybe spill a little on the ground for Levi and Menchov who both have been attacking relentlessly hoping for a Floydlike resurgence in the GC, but keep
cracking and falling short.

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