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I guess since I wrote so much about doping before I should talk about floyd landis a bit. I have no idea if he is a doper or not. I will wait for the B sample and see what comes out about the test and how he failed it. Cyclingnews, as usual, has a nice summary of previous positives for this test. Some other notes at knowledgebase here with a link to a summary article on the T/E (testosterone/epitestosterone) statistics used for doping tests here. The short story is that rumors are flying about that Floyd's E of the T/E was low giving a high ratio, but a meaningless performance enhancement. The Epitestosterone level can be lowered by things like alcohol and cortisoids, both of which landis is documented as taking, one to drown his sorrows after cracking on stage 16 and one to drown the pain of the osteonecrosis in his hip. As deadspin pointed out, Floyd landis would be the ultimate in cool for getting busted for drinking beer during the tour. He also could be the ultimate idiot for failing a drug test in a tour that was initially marred by most of the top contenders getting kicked out for doping. Like I says, lets wait for the B test and see what the ratios were.

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