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In honor of yet another Hincapesque performance by Hincapie, a pic from somewhere west of Union Square from a NYC trip a week or so back.

click for full streetscape spectacular or here for a grafitti besmirched closeup of the panasonic advert.

NY is overrun by fixies and it is nice. There are the omnipresent neuvo hipster fixie riders that plague all urban areas these days, but the eternal west indian looking fixie messengers insouciantly gliding through cross traffic are still out in force. My fixie introduction at the age of 11 or so was in NYC asking a dreadlocked messenger how he stopped a bike with no brakes, "with my feet, mon" was the reply, expanding my bicycling world by leaps and bounds.

I was a bit lazy with the camera, but I saw some beautiful steel fixies that were incrementally decaying due to constant locking and unlocking and the salty sea air. I saw some nice forever chinese bikes floating around as well up by the MOMA. Finally, for the locals, drop into the anthropologeee store in Rockefeller center for some really really beautiful french cyclotourist tandems and some other old bikes used as a display. Don't shop there though as they would not let me take any pictures as they did not want me to steal their store decoration schemes. After they saw me try to take a photo, they kinda kept an eye on me. Paranoid culture appropriating bastages.

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