Talk talk talk

The talk went well, maybe 30 attendees, about 50-50 regulars and bike people I guess. I think I talked for about an hour and got about 10 minutes of questioning out of it. I even got a free coffee from it. I was hoping for a few more bike people, but given how small the travel bug is, I am pretty sure any more people would have been too many. I would be glad to give the talk again if there are interested organizations.

I handed out cards that elena made for me, so if there are any new readers from the talk, Thanks for coming.

I wanted to thanks Craig Degenhardt from Albuquerque for lending me a really nice flying pigeon so I could have a bike for people to look at. See craig below with his nice pigeon and chinese trike he got back from China. He is also recovering from a gruesome bike induced upper arm fracture and is sporting some custom Ti internal hardware now. I will photograph the bikes a bit more carefully over the next day or two for bonus chinese bikes of the day.

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Andrew Janjigian said...

Tarik -

Any chance you recorded the talk, and might podcast it for the rest of us to hear? I'd love to check it out.

Tarik said...

Ah, nope, if I give it again I will make an attempt to record it for posterity. I am still trying to figure out what to do with the talk, but I will most likely be giving it once or twice more. I am guessing it will be given in albuquerque and los alamos in the next few months.

If you run through the chinese bike of the day posts in feb and march, you can get a good idea of scope and content. I added a bit more.

Thanks for the interest.