A bikey Day in LA

My Fixie Friday at a Green Line Train Station

Last sunday I spent the whole day riding in LA. My fixie bike friday and I started in El Segundo by short ride, then train, to a bus to downtown and met up with Rick Risemberg. We then met up with James Black (on his fixie swift) and then rode from downtown LA up to Pasadena and met up with Chuck Schmidts monthly Rose Bowl vintage bike ride. Then, the big loop around pasadena with a mid ride coffee stop. Back to the start, back around LA a bit more via train and riding, some bike shop visiting, ice cream eating more riding and then a nice meal with Rick and his wife Gina. It was a really good day. Mild Santa Ana winds blew out all the smog and it was pretty much a perfect riding day. Too many good pictures, see them all here on flickr.

Me, Chuck and James in Pasadena

It was great to meet Rick and James, and remeet chuck. I talked to a bunch of other riders on the vintage bike ride, but forgot everyones name. Sorry. Good meeting all of you.
Rick and James on the way to the ride

There were lots of good bikes, memorably a nice pinarello TT bike with about 2'drop from the seat to the bars. I have always wanted to ride one of those. The owner Hyde let me ride it around the parking lot. Excellent, my neck hurt in about 1/8 mile of tooling around.

Hyde and his pinarello tt bike

Flicker set of all the photos from the whole day http://flickr.com/photos/targetsalad/sets/72157602421002733

It was a great day. Maybe 50 miles of riding total. Big thanks to Rick Risemberg for hosting and help organize the day, Gina for cooking a great dinner, and to Chuck Schmidt for hosting the bike ride.

Also big thanks to LA for having what appears to be a somewhat viable public transportation system. I really liked the trains.


Anonymous said...

TT bike rider's name is Hyde.

BG said...

Pasadena. Fat home equity. Got my bragging rights tickets to Shakespeare at Royce Hall - check, got my boutique bicycles - check, got my never driven off-road Range Rover for the 210 commute - check. Let down today, spotted another wonder bike just like mine in Griffith Park - damn, so much for being different. I'm off to cry on my Affetati misti at Pizzeria Mozza. What? They're letting the homeless sleep on the sidewalks after all? Oh the humanity!

Greg said...

Talk about aero and lightweight. No saddle on the TT bike! ;)