Fly Shop?

I was in Idaho Falls last week and was able to sneak in a good ride. I also brought my fly rod so I could see if I was smarter than the trout that live in the snake river that runs through town there. During the business portion of the trip I asked around to see where I could get a fishing license. Walmart was the answer. I asked three or four separate people and the answer was the same.

Normally I would go to the little local fly shop get a license, some local knowledge and a few lucky flies. But I was on limited time and I wanted to get on the river early in the morning. So to Walmart I went.

Here is what I saw:

Yeah, there was a full fly shop in there complete with a typically aged walmart employee who actually knew stuff about where to fish and the like. He claimed that idaho falls had the only wall mart fly shop in the country. So there you go. Coming to a Walmart near you?

Of course, to punish me, the wind picked up on my second cast of the next morning and I was pretty much blown out. So I went for a bike ride instead. More pics later.


Marrock said...

You failed to appease the gods of biking.

You needed to make a proper sacrifice to them before indulging in an equally diverting activity.

Or maybe they were just angry because you went to a wal-mart, which I think is a more plausible possibility.

Tarik Saleh said...


I really think that I just pissed off the gods of fishing badly by going to the wal mart. The biking gods were pretty kind to me, despite a flat, a loooooong hillclimb and gusting winds, my ride was good.
Thanks for reading.

Marrock said...

A good day of riding beats just about anything else you can name, IMO.

Forbes Black said...

Strangely, I went into my local Walmart Fly Shop and saw an older lady wearing a Tarik Saleh/Moscaline media tag. When I questioned her about it, she got very defensive.