Product Review: Planet Bike Super Flash

Best. Blinky. Ever.

I just got one this past week and had half a review written for the blog when this discussion boiled over on the ibob list.
So here is my half assed review for those who do not read the bob list.

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Best blinky ever. I just saw one for the first
time in a not really that local LBS over the weekend. I turned it on,
was blinded, groped my way to the register and bought
it instantly. The guy working the register asked me if it was any good. I showed him. He said, "holy shit" and then took the last one off the rack for himself.

Steady mode looking at a camera in the pitch dark with normal daytime exposure:

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Steady mode looking at me, away from camera, with normal daytime exposure:

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Some pics at Jimg's flickr page here

It is sooooo much brighter than anything I have owned before and I have bought a million different blinky lights over the years as I keep loosing/dropping/lending them, etc... It is significantly better than the blackburn mars for example, one of the most recent ones I have bought. It is brighter than the one you are using right now. I know, I know, you are saying, "well gee, the one I use is really bright". But you are wrong. This is better. By alot. Lots and lots. Go to your LBS that carries planet bike things and try it. They are pre loaded with batteries so you can blind yourself with it in the store.

This is just the flash reflecting off the magic led reflectoamplifier:

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It is well worth the money. In constant mode it makes a pretty good flashlight. Maybe enough to change a tire by, but certainly enough to get me across a field
in the pitch black darkness. I can't think of any other blinky light that is even close. I will definitely by one for elena and one for a spare when I see them again.

So go check at your LBS. The maker Planet Bike seems out of stock at 29.99, my LBS had em for 25 and there are a vanishing few available on amazon at much better prices.

Some specs:
1 blinding LED in an inversyfresnellooking reflectoamplifier.
2 lower LED's.
Blink mode alternated between the blinding bigun and the two little ones.
Ugly white housing.
Comes with a clip for pockets/clothes.
Clip slides into a housing to attach to your bike.
Two AAA batteries.
Blinding just blinding.


Big Head Red said...

Agreed. The Super Flash is a wicked nice blinky, especially considering the price.

I suggest wrapping a piece of clear packing tape around the perimeter seal, however. Twice I've had the blinky short out from water intrusion during a rainstorm; fenders and all. That's not a good time for a rear blinky to quit working.

Still works good as new and hasn't malfunctioned since sealing it up.

Nice write-up.

Jerome said...

Glad you got one. I've had them for a while and rely on them commuting on rural hiways at 5 in the morning. I run two on my bent and I don't know if I'd feel comfortable riding in the morning if I didn't have them blasting away. Darn good lights indeed. Cheers.