Busy weekend in the bike dungeon

In addition to xc ski and hiking adventures, I spent most of the past weekend down in the bike dungeon. I built 4 wheels, sort of trued a hopelessly taco'd one and waxed two sets of skis. Elena took some photos. I have not photographed the bike dungeon lately. It is somewhat well organized and pretty useful. I like looking at pics of other people's shops so here are some of mine. Full set on flikr here.

Me in the "wax on" phase. Tool boards and bike bench

Wax off phase, from the other direction

Spontaneous dance party to celebrate building all the wheels and waxing the skis


matt said...

That's a super sweet apron BTW!

Tarik Saleh said...

Thanks Matt,

That is a relic of my quasipro singlespeeder days with Kelly, I got the apron (and still have a few NOS stock cross tires) from the generous michelin sponsorship bonanza circa the turn of the century.

Thanks for reading.