Moscaline Legui Photo Call

From my pal Marc Pfister on 3/2/2007:

(click for source)

From me, 7/17/2008:

Anyone else? Please email me a photo or a link and I will post it. That goes for future trips too. Lots of the coolest bikes in Paris seemed to live on the street, some might be abandoned, some might be daily riders. So lets study this one. It has been on the same tree for at least 16 months, probably since time began.

The bike, a nice legui, the place, somewhere pretty damn obvious in Les Halles near the metro. You all are a worldly bunch, go forth and photo!


Mark Bishop said...

looks to me like the handlebars have been fixed in your photo. I guess its actually getting used. i kinda like the bag he rockin there too.

Jim G said...

holy crap that's hilarious!