Snakes in the House

We had a bumper crop of snakes in the yard this year.

Apparently snakes don't have ears, as the well belled cats have been picking them off easily. As many as three or four a day. For the most part they are playing catch and release, they catchem and play with them. I yell at the cats and I release em.

I assume these are Garter Snakes of the New Mexican variety, sounds like a single female can have up to 50 live offspring, so maybe we had one particularly fertile couple in the yard.

For the most part, the snakes have been released with minor damage, but two have been killed. This big one early in the season:

and this one that got smashed in the door when it was hiding under the flashing:

I think I have rescued snakes 12 times so far this year, I think there were some repeat customers, but for the most part they are unique.

I assume that these snakes have been keeping down the grasshoppers in the yard and may grow to eat gophers, so I would love to keep them around. Anyone need some guaranteed proven snake catching cats?


Me said...

Jebus Christina, ENOUGH on the %$#@*&! snakes man...

I come here exclusively for the pussy


PS. Snakes is not Blog Gold.


Marrock said...

As good as they might be at the job, I doubt you're dedicated felines couldn't get them all no matter what, so you should be safe from 'hoppers and eventually gophers for a while.

Wenmei said...

Purty pictures of the snakes! We don't get snakes around these parts -- we get hobo and brown recluse spiders instead. And I must say, I'd MUCH prefer the garter snakes.

Tarik Saleh said...


wait till I do a post on the local sausage festival

I am sick of the carnage on the cute little benificial snakes, I hope you are right in that they can't eat them all,

Thankfully no brown recluse spiders here, just epic numbers of black widows, also high rattlesnake potential. Usually I am a let them live type a guy, but I sense an impending shift in the old moral compass, there will be a great disturbance in the black widows force come mid October.