Some thoughts on my Cat

  • eats obsessively
  • will harangue us repeatedly when we try to put him on a diet
  • eats too fast and vomits immediately, often on something we like
  • is too lazy to walk around to the door that is open and will paw at the door that is closed
  • is developing a habit of pooping NEAR the litterbox, but not in it.
  • Is still the only cat that will go on a ride with me.

    Thanks little buddy.
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    gpickle said...

    Cats in the news. I must try and get one of our boys to ride with me someday.

    Antoine said...

    You have just described our cat Jesusburger, except the bike bit. Jesus does not ride a bicycle.

    Tarik Saleh said...

    Patience you must have, and the right cat, the other three want nothing to do with the bikes.

    Jesusburger is a great name for a cat, I assume fat?