August motion update

I am both proud and disappointed in the last few months mileage totals. The lazys have been fierce on the weekends, and I don't think I have done any rides of over 30 miles in the last two months. Despite that, I still have hit about 10 miles a day on average during the last few months. My basic work commute is about 6 miles round trip, but I have been running lots of errands and making lots of long cuts on the way home.

I have continued hitting my ride to work every day streak this year. I think I am well over one full year now, but I can't remember the exact date of the last drive, but it was sometime last summer or early fall. Since the May 06 I have driven to work twice and carpooled once. Pretty good. When I lived in berkeley and did not have a car I got up to berkeley labs from fruitvale and emeryville via bike or public transportation for a year and a half straight.

I have been running a bit more, as I am trying to get in some semblance of shape for cross season. I will try to pump up the milage a bit this month as well as get into a solid two a week running schedule. Maybe. If the lazies do not strike again!

So the totals for august were 22 miles running (a high for this year I think!) and 309 biking. That makes 2072 biking on the year and 99 on running.

The break down is 85 on the track bike, 70 on the road bike. About 50 each on the mtb, breeze and the twenty. And a big 10 miles on the picnica.

We shall see how it comes about this month.

Heading up into the depths of the Cañada Bonita on a labor day mixed terrain road bike ride

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