Powered by the Satan

Sweet! It is not about whether Bettini is on drugs or not, it is really about who he has in his corner. He clearly is a Satan powered pedaling machine. How can anyone compete with that?

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(update: http://velonews.com/images/int/13429.20908.f.jpg, they seem to have taken this off the original article, crafty, trying to impede satan bettini)

Well you can't really. You just can't.
I expect the UCI to ban satan worship directly as an obvious performance enhancer.

Congrats to the cricket on getting to be all stripey again next year.

Sono Paolo Bettini, We are all Paolo Bettini. You are getting sleeeeeepy...


Marrock said...

If the UCI does any devil banning it'll be because they're afraid of the competition.

Tarik Saleh said...

Ah, of course, they want to hold their monopoly on deviltry. Good thinking...