Musings from the airport

On the road again. Sitting in terminal B at ABQ waiting to board the minijet to SLC and then connecting beyond.

I live about 100 miles and 1:45 from the Albuquerque airport. This is, for the most part, the main way to get out of NM. I drive by both the Los Alamos and Santa Fe airports to get here. Los Alamos no longer has commercial flights and Santa Fe is severely limited. Hopefully that will change soon.

Near as I can tell Albuquerque is no one's hub. It really should be. It has free wireless internet and possibly one of the best local dishes ever available in the airport. I can't vouch for any other foods here, but the Green Chile Chicken stew at Comida Bueno is just sublime. If you ever find your self in ABQ, try to get some. It ranges from slightly spicy to almost brutal, but it is worth it.

Ahhhh. Green chili chicken...

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