Pro cycling grocery bikes!

Vuelta spoiler below...

I love it when pro cyclists are commuters/errand riders. I think there was an interview with Matt White (?) when he was on Postal and he was commuting around Girona on a way too small 70's folding bike (anyone remember this? Maybe cyclesport in the postal era?). Michael Barrym(T-Mobile) and his wife Dede (womens world cup winner) have the all time nicest city bikes courtesy of Michael's dad, Mike Barry, frame builder at Mariposa Cycles.

Dede's city rider, click for source at Mariposa's website

Michael Barry's porteur, click for source at Mariposa's website

And just this weekend newly minted vuelta stage 14 winner Jason McCartney was quoted as such:
"I'm still looking for a new team in 2008." McCartney said, "so I hope this win will help. I don't want to stop riding a bike. Cycling is my big passion. I even use it to ride to the grocery store."
from velonews, 9/15/07

I hope he does find work. I have fond memories of watching him on an all day attack over Woody, Neel and Wolfpen Gap in the 2004 tour of georgia. Anyhow, add him to the collection of pro cyclist cycle commuters. Anyone else?

fallen posties Damon Kluk and Michael Creed drag the peleton over the KOM Stage 5, 2004 tour de georgia

click for big, photo credit, George Crawford(?!?) <


Anonymous said...

Hooray for Jason! We are all excited for him to get back to town and to see what he decides to do next year. He has always been a bike commuter and has remained so even as a Euro-Pro, he even used to ride out the 7 miles or so to our humble XC ski area to ski and then ride back in, its all training and fun to him. His late night "Power Townies" are the stuff of legend and anyone coming to the area should try and get in on one but they are not for the faint of heart nor the weak of leg!


viva utility!

Cody G. said...

Oh yes, oh yes. We are so proud of our local boy. And, after an evening at his house, he has been known to escort his cycling visitors part of the way home, sometimes all the way, just so he can get back on the bike.