UCSB public service announcemnet

My brother lives out there in Santa Barbara, well Goleta actually. One of the highlights of visiting him is riding with him on his commute to work and watching all the students on the campus bike path riding no hands while operating their cell phone devices. It cracks me up. Especially if they are wearing ugg boots.

Check out this freshman transportation orientation article from the UCSB daily paper here. It has some sage advice:

“Don’t fucking text while you’re on the bike path, cause I’m sick of it,”

OK kids? Thats a big ixnay on the bike path texting.

Thanks to my brother for the link.

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Marrock said...

I always found it interesting how there's a law against using a cellphone in your car, but everyone thinks it's still ok to use a hands-free setup.

What they fail to realize is that really has nothing to do with only having one hand on the wheel when you're using the phone, it's that you're paying more attention to your call and not the road.

I'd think the same would apply to just about anything you tried to use a cellphone while doing, you're trying to split your attention between two things... one, less than important, that can wait till you get where you're going, and another that can get you badly hurt or dead is you screw it up.