So very wrong in Seattle

I have been out and about and then back again. Hopefully I can get caught up a bit before the next trip.

I just want to say that I love bikes and like more people riding.

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I could not help smiling and laughing a lot though as I was wandering about downtown in seattle this fine Monday AM.

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Clearly a top tube pad is in order...


Chad said...

The chopped handlebar trend raises this important question: why handlebars? I'll cheer for the first person to rotate their stem 90 degrees and use it for a hand rest.

Jim G said...

Um, what is up with that nicely color-matched-but-orphaned front reflector bracket? SO out of place on a hipster fixie!

Marrock said...

Reminds me of the handlebars on my nephews little fold-up scooter thing...

Except the scooter has better grips.

Tarik Saleh said...


Right on! First person to put that on fixed gear gallery wins a virtual kwepie doll.

Jimg, Yeah the colors are baffling. Dirty pink spraypaint over everything, but then taking the time to color match the reflector bracket? Genius!

I think that must be the genesis of the latest really freaking narrow bar trend (I remember one of the MIT architecture profs in the early 90's had a sweet flat grey track bike with chopped flat bars, but they were at least 4 grip widths...)

Thanks for reading!