Bike piles

One of my favorite tags on this blog is the wheeled detritus one. All sorts of marginalized former rolling stuff. I found some good bike piles in santa fe last week.

At least two bikes worth of detritus front of the Santa Fe Library:

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With some stick welded repair on the down tube:

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On DeVargas St, downtown:

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If you like this sort of thing, there is a nice little picture book called Bicycles Locked to Poles by John Glassie. Basically abandoned and half stolen bikes locked to poles. The tragicomedy of the human condition is exposed as you page through the book. Oh the pathos!Or, just as easily, you could recreate these photos yourself if you live in or near any city/big college campuses.

Its no Bicycles Bella Cosa, but it has its own charm, especially to those of us who really appreciate the bicycle in ALL its forms.

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Scott Clark said...

OK, first picture--two wheels, three tires, extra tube, no brakes...looks like somebody dumped their parts pile, not a bike.

It'd be tempting to salvage that crank...I wouldn't do it, but it would be tempting.