Bday trench jockey

We have had a couple of big storms roll up out of the south bringing lots of moisture. The hoped for cold fronts from the north never materialized resulting in a couple of inches rain and very little snow. The first rainstorm melted 6" of snow on top of the 1" of rain and helped funnel water into the basement. The second strom friday night had me out in the wee hours of my birthday digging trenches by flashlight to keep the water away from the house. We need some guttering I think. But the trenches worked pretty well.

In the teeth of the storm with two little trenches in the background.

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egads, it works!

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the ancient rake (1 dollar at a garage sale) that I dug the trenches with after snapping the head off of the hoe

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Well earned birthday breakfast of a bacon-green breakfast burrito, with a cup of espresso and another burrito waiting in reserve. Yum!

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It appears that the cold front has come in and maybe some more snow on the way.


Anonymous said...

Holy smokes Tarik, thats some fancy site grading.

Happy birthday to you!


Cody G. said...

I guess gpickle was correct when he told me that the fountain of youth lies deep within the balance of b'fast burritos & espresso. Happy birthday, Tarik!

(And, I hear that we will soon be welcoming you up North. Hooray!)