The foreign chair

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Wink256 inspects the new chair. Laboriously wrapped in indonesia using twine and small lengths of cardboard, the was shipped around the world and not unwrapped until we got it. I was hoping to find a dessicated lizard or a batwing or some other artifact of the original country tucked in the packaging, but no luck.


Kent Peterson said...

Oh man, that's the embodiment of the "it's too pretty to unwrap." I bet you were very tempted to leave it wrapped. It still would perform it's basic chair functions in the wrapped state.

Anonymous said...

up here in iowa we just go to the walmart when we want something "exotic" or "asian". Them nice people unwrap it and put a big smiley price tag on it and it just makes ya feel so good about living in america! Just don't ask to have them help carry or load anything onto your bike trailer, they don't like that too good.

god bless,


ps: i felt creepy even typing that.

Ride your bike! Shop local!

All better.

Anonymous said...

Cool cat.

Tightly wrapped furniture reminds me of the best part of the IKEA experience being figuring out those crazy assembly instructions (and those little Swedish meatballs and lingenberry jelly in the IKEA cafeteria.

林曉培Maggie said...

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