First real snow ride of 2007-2008

All that pesky rain has finally turned to snow. A steady snow all day dropped 4" in town and untold millions at higher elevation. A slightly muddy morning commute gave way to a full on blinding blizzard evening commute. So good!

Speaking of snow sports, if you like cross country skiing, we have a pretty active club in Los Alamos with some great groomed trails. I have encouraged the club to start blogging as a way to easily distribute ski conditions, race reports and the like. I think it is finally getting going. See the world of los alamos cross country skiing at the South West Nordic Ski Club Blog. Go team!


Jill said...

Where can I get some of those holiday tassles?

carrie said...

hey! looks like we have a common theme-SNOW! http://cdittmer.wordpress.com/

love it!

Anonymous said...

Well Tarik we just got our first usable snow last week and if you still want to race someday maybe we should have a ski race? Much more civilized!

Anonymous said...

ah crud, the trials of an anonymous blog commenter, I am the above anonymous...


Tarik Saleh said...

I get all my streamer needs filled by the folks at . They are good folk, tell them tarik sent you.

Yes snow! You should see the new shiny studded tires I just got.

Pickle, G.
I agree, ski race. Much much more civilized.

Thanks for reading all.