Bicycle crashing

Give the people what they want I always say. I get about 10 hits a day since cross nats looking for video of Ryan Trebon crashing at Nats. I think most people find my mefarm v treefarm video lacking a bit. So here you go, a video of Ryan "treefarm" Trebon getting clotheslined by a rider who looses it and crosses the tape:

He is OK already and in europe getting ready to fight the belgian overlords in races leading up to worlds. Pretty nasty.

Speaking of nasty, check out this track race where 13 of 17 racers bite it on the track. I could watch this over and over again. Everyone was OK more or less. Junior Race in australia:

Note they interview three separate aussie pros in the nightly news broadcast. Awesome.

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Marrock said...

Nice misleading title there. ;P

After the skiing post a couple days ago I figured you were working your way through your various hobbies and wracking yourself up in the process.