Plant poles OUTSIDE skiis please

Hmmm maybe new poles for christmas this year?

Otherwise a great day skiing up here on the Los Alamos XC ski trails. 2" of fresh powder on groomed trails in the woods and a great job by ken on the meadow grooming.

More pics from the day here


geri said...

Target, I was just looking at Bishops blog from Apr. 7, you were right about the bike.
Peace out.

flahute said...

Isn't "powder" and "groomed" contradictory by nature?

The captcha image below says "cxrbs" ... cyclocross or bullsh*t?

Tarik Saleh said...


I knows I was right,


I think I was saying fresh powder over recently groomed trails. See. It is kind of fun and slippery.

I am not sure if you should publicize the captcha image. It is a message only for you!