Hauling NYC

We went into NYC a few days after christmas for some walking around and drinking of coffee and suchlike. This time I was somewhat motivated to take photos. Thus I share unto thee, dear blog readers.

NYC is a great city of hauling crap by human power.

Hot dogs schlepped by old cart up on 9th and the lower mid thirties.

click for big angular panorama that I am pretty proud of

Saw this guy on an old cycletruck hauling what turned out to be fish. I hunted him for many blocks until I got a good photo, 9th and 42nd or so.

click for nice street scape. Note the hipster sixties woman replete with saddle shoes.

A few blocks back at 9th behind port authority I found the motherload of cycletrucks at the fish shop.

click for big

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Hard to see but the bike in the background is flipped over for repair involving vicegrips.

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The home office of revolution rickshaws on ninth. I could not see inside that well, other than the big rickshaw butt in the window.

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On the other end of town at prince and something in soho a nice modern low slung front hauler and the pave it crossed to get there.

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Arty shot where old and new NYC meet, ooooh arty, and grubby.

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A few shots of the burgeoning pedicabstand up by 5th and central park:

Old style

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Newstyle, last cabbie in new york who can legally smoke in his cab?

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The typical NYC food delivery bike, crapped out MTB with huge wald basket. This one was unique in that it was new and not completely covered in electrical tape. Give it a few months:

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Funny Home depot ad over the subway:

It was a pretty good day to see bikes in NYC, I think the freezing and windy weather plus the holidays cut down on the massive quantities of hipster fixie riders I saw last summer, but the workers were out in force and it appeared to be an excellent day for the pedicabs.


patrick said...

great photos. thanks. i was in NY in sept and all the bikes i saw were the crapped-out MTB variety... impressive how much work they got though. Next time I'm going to walk around with some tri-flow in my pocket and cagily oil all the chains.

Aili said...

Hi cousin! I thought you might be interested in this post by a friend here who is into randonnuering (sp?) about bikes in Japan. http://cris.livejournal.com/163235.html?style=mine#cutid1