Chad and Jill Ride more than me

There are very few dedicated cyclists in Los Alamos. There are a ton of weekend warriors, psuedo racers and fair weather riders (along with a small subset of legitimately fast racers and a couple of former pros). But people who actually use their bikes daily in fair or foul weather are few and far between. Heck, even in summer there are very few commuters.

I ride and commute darn near daily in all weather, but it seems every single time I am in my car, I see Chad and Jill riding by. Dammit.

I immediately recognized Chad and Jill as kindred souls when I met them over a year ago at Chiliworks, our local treasured gutbomb green chili burrito shack. I almost always ride to chiliworks to get burritos and had never seen anyone else ride there, ever, except the day I met them. After promising to get together for dinner for over a year now, we finally got it right. The week before they move from los alamos to the slightly warmer pastures in Albuquerque. Dammit

Chad makes friends with Dee(pleted Uranium):

click for big

Chad and Jill getting ready to ride off into the 7 degree night

click for big photo with their well appointed commuter bikes

And away they go:

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Last week I got these spy photos in a brown paper parcel with no address, they appear to show a clandestine winter crossing of the largest body of water in downtown los alamos, well done:

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