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Here are a couple of things stolen from blogs I have recently added to the blog list on the right.

Sam is a buddy from when I lived in Knoxville. He is a fast cyclist and crosser. He also makes cool climbing bags if you are monkeylike and for the velocipedially inclined he allegedly makes cycling bags. He has, among others, a blog called Sam in Pocatello that is usually packed with his impressive race adventures, lately his adventures after breaking a vertebrae:

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Seperately, my pal Laura from my berkeley days now lives in finland has a pretty interesting blog finland laurita with her travails there. Among other things she posts nice bike photos:

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Wenmei said...

Nice scan of the L1! That's the same one I busted in my cowgirl accident, but mine went POOF! Smashed to bits, no more, I'm L1-less and 1.5 inches shorter. However, I do still like to look at my scans because I think it's neat (albeit somewhat morbid) to see the little splinters of bone piercing through the spinal cord. And it turns out I like to look at other people's L1 scans too.