Creatures I saw last week

Due to the long drive up to Colorado and back I was able to see many a creature. In rough order of appearance:

On the way to Crested Butte:
1. Two Bald Eagles (individually, north of antonito)
2. A fox
3. Millions of fat telephone pole perching hawks
4. Mule Deer
5. Elk

In Crested Butte:
6. Fat mouse/kangaroo rat during the race

On the way Back:
7. Antelope
8. Big horn Sheep
9. Coyote

After a nighttime ski tuesday in Los Alamos:
10. Bobcat

As a bonus, Elena and I spotted another Bald eagle above the Rio Grande at Ottowi Bridge on Saturday.

Now all I need to see is a mountain lion, oryx, and a moose and I can retire.

Mule Deer seen south of gunnison:

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Marrock said...

Just be careful, I hear that moose like to eat cyclists.

It's some sort of delicacy to them.