I am with Wink256

Last week I got a little gift in the mail from my not so local lbs. I just ordered a bike from them.

Today they emailed me to say that the bike will be here friday. I am up in leadville for the weekend making a good faith effort to explode my heart with skis at 10,000 feet, alas, alack. Stupid ski season, it is interfering with build up bikes for the thaw season and I am so very very tired. Thus no build reports for a while. I thought I had another month to figure this all out. I have bars and inadequate wheels to build it up with so far.

Wink256 will once again be velocipedically borne to locations hitherto unimagined by his tiny cat brain. Godspeed winky, godspeed.


Chad said...

oooooo, fun. Next time we're up in LA, you'll have to chauffeur us around on the dummy. It should be able to handle 300 lbs on the rack, right?

btw, I appreciate the compliments on my current appearance. I'm truly flattered.

Marrock said...

Judging by the size of that cat I think you're gonna need a bigger milkcrate this time around.

Tarik Saleh said...

I will carry you guys around no problem, we will cross ashley pond. I am impressed with the mustache, but the whole dedicating your life to revenge is truly inspiring.

Wink256 is 2 pounds lighter over the last 3 month, soon he will be almost 20 pounds instead of mostly 25 and a bit. So you be nice.