The mad lazer pointer skillz

After my trip to Iowa to give my chinese bike talk, I got a nice little package of comic zines from Cody. Elena and I spend an enjoyable lunch eating fried tacos and reading Cody's Awkwardly Put zine. I am very honored to have been immortalized as follows:

Awesome! If you want some contact her and maybe get some comic zine goodness yourself you can email her at :awkwardlyput: at :gmail: dot :com:

Visit her blog too which is updated more than sporadically, guaranteed!


Marrock said...

I'm already working on the world domination part.

And one of the first things I'll mandate is the replacement of all SUVs whose ownership can't be rationally justified with chinese cargo trikes.

Cody G. said...

Ah, my name in lights!

Thanks, Tarik!

Tarik Saleh said...


Good plan, let me know when you are in power.

No! Thank you!