No Bicycle! No Bicycle!

My niece just turned two. Her big present from her parents was a brand new little brother. Pretty cool, but I decided she needed something for her. So I got her a nice little Specialized Hotwalk. Which is one of those pedal-less learning bikes, like the like-a-bike, but made of aluminum. It is a pretty sweet little ride. It is super light so my brother can carry it to the park for her. It does have an infinitely spinable bar which is a worry compared to the limited bar movement on a like-abike, but it is also about half the price. Hers is also covered in pirate stickers. Which is a big plus. I will report back as she gets used to it. I think she is a bit young for it yet, but it does fit her.

click for big

So far, she had to be bribed to sit on it for the picture. My brother took a video of her avoiding it in favor of playing with a pot filled with rain water. He helpfully provided a transcript of the video, part of which goes:

no play no bicycle

no please no bottle

no bicycle
(flapping hands)
no bicycle
(flapping hands)

Well there you have it.


Maureen said...

oh that is so funny! well she looks cute on the bike even if she doesn't want to actually ride it!

Tarik Saleh said...

Yeah, she has the cute thing down really well. We shall see, I think it might be 6 months before she is able to use it, but how could I resist...
Pirate stickers! I wish I could get a bike with some pirate stickers!

Josh said...

More than tantrums, more than teen pregnancy or piercings or face tattoos, I am wracked by the fear that my children will not want to ride bicycles. Do you know you are not legally allowed to eat them and start over? Hamsters have all the luck.