Snow snow snow

Just got back from an xc ski race weekend in colorado. It snowed, going there, coming back, while we were there and back at home. Pics and race report soon. In the meantime, enjoy these delicious snacks found in the snow:

Neatly severed grackle head in the back yard.

click for big

deer hoof up on the trails in los alamos

click for big

Carnivores abound in the snow. I am not sure who would remove a grackle head so neatly, so I suspect hawk or fox or stray cat and then dragged around by kitties to the yard. Probably Mountain lion or natural death for the deer hoof and then scattered about by coyote, fox or bobcat.

Ah, and the helpful plows just plowed in my driveway, so off I go to shovel...


carrie said...

Ewwww....cut off head! You can shovel my driveway too :o)

Anonymous said...

I once found the head of a red-tailed hawk in some dark dank woods (thus made especially ominous) and my primary suspect was a great-horned owl. Heads with pointy hooked beaks are no good for swallowing whole.