The mighty mountain cruiser

Crested Butte was cruiser heaven.

So it really is not the NAHBS, but this is real bikes getting used hard.

Clicking photos takes you to the flickr page where you can view em big...

Outside the Nordic Ski Center

Nice Ski tube

Kelly cross fork on the motobecane fixie

Schwinn suburban(?)

Schwinn Excelsior hanging in the MTB hall of fame

Schwinn Typhoon reamed out for a 1" threadless mtb fork.

Front chains on this MTB, I could not tell whether the front brake actuated or if it was disabled for safety

Waiting for the thaw, I guess

Schwinn traveler outside the Chamber of commerce

The Schwinn Lil' Chick, note the older MTBs in the racks behind

This guy was on an old Ibis mountain bike, I also saw a woman cruing around on an early nineties Barracuda frame. I guess old race mountainbikes are the Schwinn Cruisers of the nineties.

Huffy outside out hotel, I think the night manager commuted on it.

Typhoon over the Bar

Typhoon of a million spokes

Two speed kick back Merlin Newsboy in the MTB hall of fame

The rested of the crested butte trip photos here. And the subset mountain bike hall of fame pictures here.


geri said...

Did you see Tom Floyds Raleigh Crested Butte? I think that he has already sent it to the MTB HoF
but I am not sure anyways, its supposed to be there. Gotta love a K-Town connection in the wild west

gpickle said...

Ski Tube!!!

Tarik Saleh said...

I had no idea Tflo had such collectors type items in his stash, I did not see it, but I am guessing they have a ton of bikes in storage for rotating through.

I know it, I gots to get me one.

Cody G. said...

A gross of spokes!