Plowing through wheels

I have built some serious wheels in the last couple months. I am not sure what my favorites of the ones I have built are, but lets start with these puckies:

Those are super wide Alesa 122b 650B rims, single wall no eyelets, 29mm wide on the outside of the rim. According to JP Weigle they are the same extrusion as the Weinmann 2120. I got them off an $10 schwinn mirada at the local thrift shop a few years back. I built them up with a campy gran sport HF front hub and a bendix redband kickback two speed rear. The tires are the fatty rumpkins. They measure out at a massive 43mm on this rim. They are a pleasure to look at. These are part of the winter push to get all the cruisers running by the summer. They will either go on the raleigh sport frame or on one of the three Schwinn Breezes we have in the collection.

They really look great and they are amazingly light, even the rear which has a million pound hub on it. I am pleased as punch! The tires took a bit to get seated right, but patience and 110 psi helped get them there.

As a sneak peak, here is an in process Project X wheelset to ponder:

More on wheels friday.


Anonymous said...

I'm trying to rebuild a set of wheels with the same rims. What ERD measurment did you use to detrmine spoke length?

Tarik Saleh said...

Hmm, I have no idea. I think I just measured it using the opposing spoke technique:
Or maybe I just strung a string through it. Either way it worked fine. I, unfortunately, did not write any of that down, I should probably start keeping a wheel log.